What it means to have Raynaud’s

When I say I am cold, I am not just 'cold'. When I say I am cold, often it is a burning pain and I want to get warm, slowly. Once my feet are cold that means I am not going to get to sleep because the cold will not allow me to. No, I … Continue reading What it means to have Raynaud’s


A new found passion

I have always been fascinated with the bow. As such, I also had a desire to try my hand at archery but had never got around to it for so many various reasons some of which I myself am not even sure about. However, today I finally did it. I picked up the bow, knocked … Continue reading A new found passion

Poem: To say hi

Why is it so hard, To simply type the words? I have so much to say, And so much to ask. Conversations rolling around in my mind, Starting from simple little hi's. So why? Why can't I say the words? Thinking of you, So very often, And yet, I struggle to pick up the phone … Continue reading Poem: To say hi

Oh the week I’ve had and it’s only Thursday

You have no idea how much I am seeing the funnier side of life right now. I have to laugh, because if I don't I would probably break down and cry. Monday... I had expected Monday to be a write off, so it was not to bad. I had organised with the boss that I … Continue reading Oh the week I’ve had and it’s only Thursday

Poem: Second Chance

This poem is reflecting how even though the negative relationship I was in is over how it still has effects on who I am and how I act. It shows that the troubled path that I am sure I am not the only one to have walked and I'm sure not the only one to … Continue reading Poem: Second Chance


Everyone goes through changes in their lives, some more dramatic than others. Here is a poem I wrote while I was going through one of those life changes. I would love to know what you think! Lost What am I doing? Am I losing control? Am I still me? The me I use to be … Continue reading Lost

The Smoking Road: Part 1

The day had been hot, his shirt stuck to his back and his jeans burned at his legs. He looked towards the setting sun and squinted at the oncoming traffic. Wiping the sweat away from his eyes he carried on walking. 'It had to be here somewhere.' His mind turned the thought over repeatedly. He … Continue reading The Smoking Road: Part 1