Oh the week I’ve had and it’s only Thursday

You have no idea how much I am seeing the funnier side of life right now. I have to laugh, because if I don’t I would probably break down and cry.


Image result for spongebob squarepants Monday

I had expected Monday to be a write off, so it was not to bad. I had organised with the boss that I would be working from home while guys came over to install an internet line for me. Since after months of nagging and looking I finally just went and organised it. I was sent a message saying that the technicians will come on Monday between 7:30 am – 4pm. So we all know how that goes a day of waiting for them to arrive.  Luckily they got there quite early. They came and looked at what we had and laughed when they realised all the work they had ahead of them. Yes they laughed. Cutting a really long story short, they left past four and no, I still do not have any internet access but on the upside I now have the actual connection and line set up that I need. Plus while the technicians were there, the municipality guys came over to put in an on/off switch for our water. So it was a really busy day at my house, so many people. All the while I was trying to squeeze work in. All that was left to be done was the activation which brings us to…


Image result for spongebob squarepants Tuesday

I was the first stop for the technicians where they were going to activate my line. A few minutes before 8 I messaged and they confirmed they were on their way.  I was happy, at least I will be able to go into work, if an hour or so late.  That is not so bad and I should finally have access to the internet. Oh how naive I had been. They arrived at the exchange around 9ish (I am communicating with the one technician on whatsapp). At this point I am hoping I can get to work around half 10. At 10 I get a message saying my line is something else…which you always want to hear. Turns out there were a lot of disconnected areas so they had to locate each and every one.  They finally arrived at my place around 12ish. I am still hoping to go to work, yep, silly I know. They phone the network provider because we are not picking up my line. The technician was told (I know because I could hear the convo thanks to speaker phone) “The pc is out of the exchanges reach. You are the technician so you must make it work.” at this point the technicians both laughed and said the guy did not know what he was talking about. At this point it is half 1 and I am itching to get to work and grab what I can and go back home and just work there. The guys go back to the exchange and while they are out I go to work and grab what I need. By the time I was home (around 2:30) there was no electricity…Are you kidding? Sadly not. It only came back on around 4. Which by that point the technicians had come back and told me that they had done all they could do and now a new cable needs to be placed at the exchange for me to get my internet up and running. Thankfully it will not be done at my home so I can actually go to work.

Then later that night, the electricity went once again plunging us in the dark. About an hour in and with low battery life on our phones my mom and I decide stuff it and drag my father along with us to a place with electricity and plug points! So after all of that, still no internet or electricity and very little work done.


Image result for spongebob squarepants Wednesday

Yay I can finally go to work and get a full days worth of work done. Whoop whoop! Work was busy but normal and I confirmed my tutoring lesson. So after work I go to leave and see a very nice puddle of water and antifreeze by my car wheel. Whoa, it was more than I had expected to see. Up side, I could just top up my water.

So I picked up the girl I tutor and carried on with my day. Even better I was invited over for dinner at my besties house on Thursday and the day had started off with a phone call from the boyfriend. So overall a good day. Although the technicians once again contacted me, they needed to prove that they had done their job and installed the connection properly. Luckily my mom was home so she could help them. But yeah, still no internet connection for me.


Image result for spongebob squarepants Thursday

Today is the real cherry on top of a really long, busy and expensive week. I should have known today was going to go skew from the moment I got caught in traffic and arrived at work late. I hardly ever get caught in traffic especially with my work times which were set with traffic in mind. img-20170511-wa0008.jpegI am ready to leave work when my boss informs me of a tiny problem, I have a flat tyre. That’s cool, I know how to change a tyre (yeah I am awesome like that) and figure I can quickly do it. At least that is how it should have been. True I wondered if I had the strength to loosen the nuts but figured I would give it a go and see what happens. I grab the spare from the boot along with the jack and am all prepared and raring to go. I pop off the caps covering the nuts and place the  . Only problem it’s too big for the nuts. I even tried the boss’s with the same result. Onto plan B, phoning the boyfriend and pleading for help. He arrives armed with the appropriate tools (even foam incase my spare needs it or we can repair the flat tyre). He quickly swaps tyres easily and off we go. Or rather I don’t go. I try reverse and it is like the brakes are applied. I am going nowhere fast. So we take the tyre off again trying to see what the heck is going on. Turns out the spare’s rim is too small and sits flush on the brakes – oops.

Plan C, take the flat to the garage pump it up and see where the hole is. Repair it or use the foam and go back to work putting the tyre back on the care. Yea no, once again there is an issue. The tyre is dead. There is no puncture, only two cracks on the edge of the wheels. Was told I am lucky nothing happened while I was driving and that they only deflated while I was at work.  Crap now what? My car is having a slumber party at work waiting for me to arrive tomorrow and swap tyres once again.

So yea Plan D, go home and buy a new tyre tomorrow. Sadly this also meant no supper at besties house. So I foresee a busy weekend ahead of me, even more so with Sunday being Mother’s Day!

Image result for spongebob squarepants Friday

I am starting to feel like Squidward

Why all the Spongebob? Well why not?


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