A Thousand Tears

I would really love to know what you think of this. I wrote it back in high school (2013). So four years ago now, wow how time flies. A Thousand Tears A thousand tears A single thought All the pain it brought Just standing here On my own I have lost What I could not … Continue reading A Thousand Tears

Poem: That’s Life

I know the way these things go, Hello, Goodbye, It's all part of the show. These days nothing's fixed, No thing everlasting. Who is to say, That things will last? The distance now great, Time ever changed, Once taken for granted, Now sorely missed. That's life, I'm told So a smile to wear, With the … Continue reading Poem: That’s Life

Poem: Hollow Words

Hollow words Which should hold no weight Shake me Break me Surrounded by silver tongues Including my own Their words Stabbing at me I'm not who I thought I would be I'm not where I thought I would be Lost dreams Forgotten thoughts Misguided hope This is what makes me In a world All my … Continue reading Poem: Hollow Words

Poem: Would you pick me?

If my skin were soft, If my lips were smooth, As a rose petal, Would you pick me? If my sent, Were as sweet, As a rose, Would you pick me?   Would you take me home? Strip me, Arrange me, Just as you please. A beauty to behold, A sight to see, Full enjoyment, … Continue reading Poem: Would you pick me?


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I was so frigging surprised and happy to find this gem on Netflix. So guess what I did, yup I got comfortable and said goodbye to sleep. Season 1 has 13 episodes at an hour a piece. So they could fit a whole lot more into this … Continue reading Shadowhunters

Alone With Wolves Chapter 2

Once again here is a full chapter for those of you who don’t like reading little bit by little bit. ________________________________________________ CHAPTER 2 The next morning I slipped from my cot. The stone floor was cold beneath my feet. Taking a deep breath I tried to shake off the previous night’s memories. The Cave was silent … Continue reading Alone With Wolves Chapter 2

Alone With Wolves:  Chapter 2, Part 4

What danger could be lurking behind just a single wolf cry? It was interesting to write the snowball effect of the wolf’s cry. I had originally planned for a longer intro to the wolves but the way this just came together worked really well so I decided to keep it as it is. A quick … Continue reading Alone With Wolves:  Chapter 2, Part 4