Poem: Second Chance

This poem is reflecting how even though the negative relationship I was in is over how it still has effects on who I am and how I act. It shows that the troubled path that I am sure I am not the only one to have walked and I’m sure not the only one to be finding may way back and breaking the bonds of a lesson that should not have been taught.

Second Chance

All I ask is for a second chance
a heart so cold, numb throughout
a stone cold heart
I refused to see
I forgot the sense
I held on to the pain
A beating heart
it lay in me
only purpose to beat the pulsing red
Torn to shreds
partly healed
crushed again
my voice caged
I nursed the wounds
held my head up high
with every beat
the scars pulled tight
Encased in stone
scars never far from thought
how can I forget a lesson
so well taught?




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