What it means to have Raynaud’s

When I say I am cold, I am not just ‘cold’.

When I say I am cold, often it is a burning pain and I want to get warm, slowly. Once my feet are cold that means I am not going to get to sleep because the cold will not allow me to. No, I do not warm up if I stay under a blanket, no having socks on does not help. I have thermal socks which help keep the cold out but does nothing for the cold that originates from within my own body.

Wearing extra layers does not do much other than making it uncomfortable and hard to move. As it is, I wear leggings, jeans, thermal socks, two shirts, two jerseys and possibly a jacket when I venture out. What more layers do you want me to wear? When I catch my fingers or knock them against something there is an immense pain. When I warm my hands up too quickly I suffer from chilblains. When I am ‘warmish’ and the blood starts flowing properly again the pins and needles kick in. There are also the times where it is so cold that your body curls in on itself because all your muscles are pulling tight. To straighten out is difficult, not to mention, that this too is painful.

When I am cold, I am in pain, so no when I say I am cold or try to explain how cold I really am or how cold I can get, I am not seeking your momentary amusement and attention. I am simply trying to explain that for me being cold is a painful reality which occurs every winter and occasionally in the summer.

True it is often amusing to see your reactions, mostly disbelief when I tell you how many blankets and duvets are on my bed and how much the cold affects me but mainly I just wanted to let you know, that being cold is an actual painful affliction.

If you read this far, thanks! Sorry for the tirade but this suddenly got to me and I am tired of people just summing it up as ‘sensitive to the cold’ because there is just so much more to it than that.

If you would like to read up more on this please click here.


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