As only a reader can

I’m in love with a man,
His voice is magical. His touch hypnotic. Being with him all consuming.
I’m heartbroken to find as I turn the page that he is dying and these are his last fleeting memories as he fades out of this world and into the next.
My heart torn to shreds over a man I’ve never met yet know with my every breath.
My tears blurring the words as I close the book.
Why should I continue now that he is gone? To know how it ends. I steady my breath and contain my pain. Slowly I continue but the story just isn’t the same.

Who can relate? I was heart broken when a character in the book I was reading recently died. I had grown to love the character as only avid readers can. You go through so much with them just so they can die.

Have you ever got attached to a character that you were upset the story ends or that they die? If so I’d like to hear about it!


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