The Final Frontier

I have a friend that tried to commit suicide a few years back. He picked up a gun and shot himself in the head. I say tried, purely because the shot did not kill him. It was a miracle that he in fact survived and is now currently living in the UK with his mother. Now every day is a battle and the only real saving grace is that he was young enough that his brain was still developing and could create new neuron pathways.

The Final Frontier

The silver gleams,
A flashing light,
You try to reach,
Just, too slow,
Hope seems lost,
The single thought,
Around and around it goes.
What other choice but to end it all?
A failed attempt
Here I lay
Your glistening face
Fading voice
Darkness creeps forward
Pain edging back
This is it
The final frontier

This is a bit morbid I know, only I have realised that many things can happen, a single thought can define your life in an instant should you choose to act on it. Its is really you that defines your life with the choices you make. Although a single thought can shake your world and change your entire perspective, it does not need to define you.  As for me the one thought that really changed me was at the young age of 11 I suddenly realised and understood that everyone that I saw, everyone that was or ever will be born has their own story to tell. Each person has a background and voice. It was such a profound moment I can even tell you where I had that sudden insight, right down to the very bench I had been sitting on.

What profound thought have you had that changed your view or way of thinking?

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