A new found passion

I have always been fascinated with the bow. As such, I also had a desire to try my hand at archery but had never got around to it for so many various reasons some of which I myself am not even sure about. However, today I finally did it. I picked up the bow, knocked the arrow aimed and let it go.

Amazingly and surprisingly I hit the target board. After that, it was pretty much down hill. I had spent the day shooting at the target with my family, each of us taking a turn and praising each other with each satisfying thwack as an arrow made contact with the target.

Then we slowly got better and actually made contact with the paper target stuck on the actual target. Don’t get me wrong, many an arrow was off target often bouncing off the trees and walls. They mainly hit the fence behind or went soaring through the gaps.


Now hours later and I can feel the bruises on my arms where the bow had caught me since I kept switching arms. Yet, I do not care. The fun and pure satisfaction I had from this little experience I won’t soon forget and I can not wait to repeat the experience, plus hopefully, the more I do it the less I will actually catch my arm. My mother and I are already planning on investing in our own bows and buying more arrows, a lot more.

As per the norm in my family, the shooting of arrows went from a friendly spot of fun into a competition which I did not even stand a chance. Surprisingly my boyfriend won, he had been doing worse than me at one stage, but once he got his rhythm, I was left far behind.


This is no doubt something I will be doing again and hopefully frequently, so that the next time we have a friendly competition, I at least stand a small chance and am seen as a contender.


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