Everyone goes through changes in their lives, some more dramatic than others. Here is a poem I wrote while I was going through one of those life changes. I would love to know what you think!


What am I doing?
Am I losing control?
Am I still me?

The me I use to be
Am I becoming
Who I’m destined to be

I am scared of the new me
A completely new entity
A lot more open and free

The power
The fire
The fury

All is open
All is out
This is defiantly not me

Me is someone quiet and shy
I am hidden in the dark
No, that is no longer me

Internal strife
What are my limits now?
Now to whom do I bow?

What was once out of reach,
Now within my grasp
Thanks to the new entity

Looking in the mirror I see
Me, no it’s a stranger
A stranger looking out at me

Smiling and laughing
What caused such a change?
What has happened to the old me?

A burning desire
Has shown it’s self
It will no longer hide

Burning bright
Only it is I who can see
The danger of the new me

I will no longer hide
I will no longer bow
I will no longer flee

I smile at the knowledge
The knowledge that the old me
The old me is lost

Lost to the changing world
I grasp at the new me
Surprise surprise

Those who knew the old me
Make way
Make way for the new me



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