He ran towards the Cave he visited many years ago.

“Please let me make it.” He repeated under his breath, not wanting to be heard. He had been running for a long time. All that he knew was he had to get away from the monsters hunting him and into the safety of the Cave. He had the Cave in sight. All he had to do was get inside its protective border and he would be safe for a little while.

As soon as he started towards the Cave, he heard them. The monsters would do worse than kill him. They were gaining on him. With each second they got closer and he got slower. He was not moving fast enough. His body was rebelling against him. He needed a break. He was exhausted mentally and physically. He still was not close enough to the Cave. He kept going even though his body was stiff and in protest. He had only one thought on his mind. He had to get to the Cave.

It seemed like a smart plan. In the beginning the plan was working but then it all went wrong.

He collapsed falling onto the hard trail with one of the moons right above him. His body had enough and it let him know the hard way. As he fell he started to roll down the trail away from the Cave. He was too weak to use magic. If he did use it he would surely die if not from exhaustion but from those awful creatures. They would find him.

Realising that he was going to die anyway he decided to send a call for help. He lay still hoping that the monsters would not sense the magic he was using. His silent plea for help was heard, but not by anyone who would have been able to help him but rather by those he had hoped to avoid. They circled around him with one connected thought, ‘catch him.’

He could smell their nauseating rotten fish odour, bringing a bitter vile to his throat. He swallowed it knowing if he were sick they would attack.

He only had one hope of completing his task. He was going to transport himself to the Cave. He no longer cared about living and he did not want the monsters to get the stone back.

Nor did he want them to trap his soul within the crystal prison. He was sure that was his fate should they catch him.

He cast the spell to send him to the Cave but he was a second too late. One of the monsters managed to rip its claws through his chest before he disappeared. It sent a sharp pain through his body.

It was the single most painful thing he had ever experienced in his life. He was still able to feel the pain of the three claws as they ripped his chest open spilling his warm blood over the wounds making them sting. Unable to cry out in pain he crashed into an invisible boundary.

He was too tired, too sore and still grieving the betrayal which he should have seen coming. If only he had paid more attention to what was happening around him and his home. Barely able to keep his eyes open, he saw a figure running towards him. His vision blurred as he passed out