Alone With Wolves:  Chapter 2, Part 4

What danger could be lurking behind just a single wolf cry? It was interesting to write the snowball effect of the wolf’s cry. I had originally planned for a longer intro to the wolves but the way this just came together worked really well so I decided to keep it as it is.

A quick recap:

The Wolves have demanded that the man who died be returned to them, only he has already been cremated. The only choice left to them now is war as the Den has made it clear that they will fight.


“Then it is war. Her final words to me before she shimmered into her beast form and attacked me.” Miss Dale nodded and all the elders moved at once, leaving the chamber. The other girls and I stayed seated. Eventually there were just the three security elders and us. I was wondering how Chris had managed to escape the wolf. The elders looked at us gravely and Chris gave a weak smile, “An interesting first council, now your training really begins.”



Part 4

I stayed where I was, studying the statue intently. The scratches over the words started moving to forming words.

“Lyra, look at me.” I was surprised to see Mr. Herf looking at me and standing so close. I had been so absorbed by the statue that I had failed to notice the others leave. I peeked past him, to see. The scratches were still again. He shook his head and led me towards the tunnel. A thought occurred to me, ‘if this cavern was used so often why was there slime on the walls of the tunnel?’ The tunnel Mr. Herf took me to, was nothing like the one we had come in through. I stopped and stared. I heard him chuckle.

“The Cave tests us all in its own way. Once the test is done and the Cave is satisfied it shows its real form. Come on.” He led the way forward. Where there had once been a tight squeeze there were no walls near us. It was another wide chamber with a stone bridge. I looked over the edge and could see black swirling water. I walked carefully across, grateful when we walked out past the door. He shut it softly with a click. “Oh I almost forgot, Chris asked if you could find us a cavern that the elders could use for a war room.” Then he walked off without a backwards look.

I was amazed, the Cave was alive. I had often thought so. Brian had just confirmed it. How else could the Cave test us? I ran my hand affectionately across the bare stone walls. I could almost feel the living energy at my fingertips. I let the Cave lead me. I followed its faint pulse back to the main caverns and beyond them deep into the dark abyss of the Cave. I felt a slight decline as we went. I knew this part, I sped up. The pulse quickened. Soon I was slipping between what most thought was just a crack. The air was stale here. The pulse still guided me with my hand on the wall. I felt a carving in the wall beneath my fingers. Touching it slightly, the walls of the cavern started to emit light. I took my hand away and examined the carving. It was the Dagaz rune, the rune of light. Of course, it did not just create light. It also awakened the mind and helped one see clearly. I looked at the cavern that I had explored before with candles, fully understanding what I had missed. The walls were draped with veins of a deep blue crystal. I quickly went to one of the thicker veins. I discovered it to be azurite. The crystal helps raise awareness, clears understanding and expands the mind. This would be the perfect place. The Cave already had a war cavern, just waiting for the need to arise. I looked across the cavern. Stone grew from the floor with a series of loud cracks. The stone was twisting and wide. The top of it flat like a table. A pool of water lay to the side. I had swum in those waters. They were calming and soothing. The Cave had given me the place. All I had to do was fetch the people. I put my hands in the water. It was as cool as I remembered it to be. I saw smudges of blood on my fingertips from where I had run with my hand on the Cave wall. I had obviously pressed too hard. I washed the blood off and stood slowly. The Cave would not fall. When I returned to the main caverns it was busy. I saw some of the younger girls, they were crying. My heart went out to them but I could not stop to comfort them. I raced to find Chris. I saw some of the elders instructing a few of the older girls, telling them to help the small ones. I saw a few of the older girls packing trunks and I heard Mary groan,

“No, not your trunks! Only what you can carry.” I did not stay for the rest. I raced out the Cave and crossed the protective border. I made my way straight to a grotto that Chris and I had discovered on one of our many walks. I found him there, crouched over a small rock. He was carving something into it. I could hear the dagger scratching away at its surface. When he was done I tapped him on the shoulder.

“Why don’t you do as you are told?” He sighed as he straitened his back, I shrugged. We often had this argument.

“I found a cavern.” I said quickly and watched him cock his eyebrow,

“In your night dress?” I blushed, how had I forgotten? Why had I still not changed? “You went exploring the Cave, in your night dress?” His tone turning sceptical

“No, the Cave led me to it.” I explained.

“Lyra, you should leave.” The words slammed into me, I could not comprehend it. My mind automatically rejected them. I stood looking at him flabbergasted. I asked the only thing my mind could come up with,


“You need to leave.” His words were still simple but still so incomprehensible. He knew I had no place to go.

“No.” I stood shaking my head for what seemed ages. “No.” I repeated. He sighed,

“I don’t want you to see the fighting.” I could hear the concern but I still stood shaking my head, he sighed again and asked me to show him the cavern. I walked stiffly back to the Cave and showed him the way to the cavern that would be used for the war.


Wow, war is coming to the Cave! What lies in store for the girls? Why does Chris want Lyra to leave the Cave? Also what does it mean to have a living Cave? So many questions! Feel free to ask yours, I’ll answer them if I can or let you know if the answers are coming up! I hope you enjoyed this part of Alone With Wolves! As always I would love to know your thoughts!


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