Alone With Wolves: Chapter 2, Part 3

What danger could be lurking behind just a single wolf cry? It was interesting to write the snowball effect of the wolf’s cry. I had originally planned for a longer intro to the wolves but the way this just came together worked really well so I decided to keep it as it is.

A quick recap:
The Elder Meeting has finally started and it is clear that the man’s death is on everyone’s mind. However discussions come to a halt when it is discovered that there had been a single wolf cry.


“Sorry I know we are slightly off topic here, but something spooked the horses.” Harriet groaned and rolled her eyes but he pushed on. “There was something outside the border last night. Something magical, and now with the wolf cry this morning…” He did not get to finish what he was saying because both Yori and Mr. Herf stood demanding at the same time.
“What wolf cry?” I saw realisation flicker in Yori’s eyes as she turned and glared at me.



Part 3

“An odd noise?” She demanded looking incredulous, I nodded looking away. “Do you have any idea of the danger Chris could be in?” I saw her face whiten as she and Mr. Herf suddenly sprinted to the tunnel. Before they got to the opening Chris walked in, they stopped short. He walked straight past them and kneeled in front of the statue and placed both his hands on it. His voice echoed around the cavern.
“May they watch over and give us strength, for we are the border between living and death.” Silence greeted his words. Something in the chamber had changed. I could feel it. Chris had just managed to put all the elders on edge.
“Chris?” Mr. Herf’s voice was sharp. I watched as my mentor stood, his face pale and his voice shook when he unrolled a parchment and read,
“Dear Elders, a wanted criminal entered the sanctuary of your Cave. He has stolen what rightly belongs to the Pack. He is an expelled member and he is ours to punish as seen fit by our laws. Hand him over with all his belongings by noon. This is your only warning. Should you fail to comply we are left with no choice but to attack and retrieve what is ours. The Pack, Alpha Peccato.” Everyone was silent as Chris fell quiet. His voice echoed around the cavern. He tore the letter and let it drop to the floor. “I told the wolf that the man was dead. She said to hand over his possessions. I told her we cremated the body along with all that he had come with.” Chris said bitterly. “We need to prepare for war. The Pack will attack soon. We need to send the young girls home. The older students may stay, the choice will be theirs.” There was a loud uproar. It was a while before any order was restored. Eventually Miss Dale asked what we were all wondering.
“How sure are you Chris? How do you know they will attack?” He looked at Miss Dale and spoke quietly,
“Then it is war. Her final words to me before she shimmered into her beast form and attacked me.” Miss Dale nodded and all the elders moved at once, leaving the chamber. The other girls and I stayed seated. Eventually there were just the three security elders and us. I was wondering how Chris had managed to escape the wolf. The elders looked at us gravely and Chris gave a weak smile,
“An interesting first council, now your training really begins.”
“Chris?” Yori looked at him quickly.
“Why was the border put up?” I heard myself asking. Chris winked at me.
“We might as well tell them.” He said as he sat. “Well ladies, there are magical creatures in the forest. Something has upset them. I thought I knew all of them but there are some I have never seen
before.” He shook his head. We all looked at each other. So what if creatures started stirring? Why the border? It was not until Mr. Herf replied that I realised I had spoken out loud. Blushing I listened to what he had to say.
“It has happened in the past that the creatures stirred and our runes usually kept them away, but now they are coming as close to the border as they can. They’re ignoring the pain our runes cause.”
“We have found the bodies to some of the most powerful creatures. They were torn to shreds.” Yori added.
“Something is hunting the creatures we feared.” Chris spoke up.
“We are hunting it.” Yori said as if to comfort us.
“And failing.” Mr. Herf commented. All six of us looked at our mentors. They looked nervous, and if they were nervous, what chance did we have?
“Well, maybe it will keep the pack of wolves away.” Natasha spoke up. Chris lifted his head quickly.
“Perhaps, but for now you girls need to learn to trace magic.” Chris stood taking chalk out of his pocket.
“Yes!” Yori exclaimed, a smile spreading on her face.
“Finally.” Mr. Herf said at the same time. I marvelled at this display. The mentors went from gloomy and serious to happy and excited. We split up into our groups. Amanda and I followed Chris to the back of the angel.
“Alright girls, I want you to bring your awareness to your crown chakra as I have taught you to do.” Chris instructed. I instantly flicked my conscious to the crown chakra at the top of my head, opening it. I gasped the statue’s wing feathers were each outlined in red, as if they were tiny veins of flowing blood.
“What?” Amanda asked looking to where I stared. She shook her head. This was how it often was. I tended to see things when my chakras were open, that the other girls could not see. I turned to see Chris watching me intently, I looked at him confused. He just continued our lesson.
“I am going to draw lines on the bench here. I want you to tell me which ones I infused with magic and what you see.” He drew five lines and walked away. He said we could discuss it between us and compare what we saw before we spoke to him. As she usually did, Amanda opted to work by herself. With a sigh I turned to the lines. The first line was the plain white chalk, the second was more interesting. It rose slightly off the bench in a bendy way. There was a blaring light connected to it. The third line lay flat on the bench like the first line. There was a very faint trace of magic coming from it. When I went to touch it, it moved so quickly as if to strike like a snake. The forth line was the same as the first lifeless and dull. The last line was very different. At first it looked like an ordinary chalk line but the more I looked at it the more it changed. At first it changed to very pale colours hardly distinguishable from white but then the more I tried to see the more it faded to white. When I looked out the corner of my eye, it was a rainbow of colours. I told Chris what I saw, he beamed at me.
“Very good Lyra.” He squeezed my shoulder as he went to see Amanda’s progress.


I hope you enjoyed this part of Alone With Wolves! As always I would love to know your thoughts!


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