Alone With Wolves:  Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter one was rather short. From now on the chapters will be getting longer so they will be broken up into more parts.

A quick recap:

The Cave is an elite boarding school where Lyra lives with other girls. One night while she was on patrol she found an unconscious man covered in blood. Even though they tried to help him he still died. Then Lyra found out that the man wanted her to have his coat and that he wants her to take over his mission.



Part 1

The next morning I slipped from my cot. The stone floor was cold beneath my feet. Taking a deep breath I tried to shake off the previous night’s memories. The Cave was silent as I slowly made my way through its wide caverns. I ignored the various tunnels, which led to the rest of the Cave. I kept my gaze on the slate grey stone at my feet and absently played with my short blonde hair. I could never get lost in the Cave, I knew basically every inch of it. I knew this place better than anyone else. I had grown up here. I had even found a few caverns that the elders did not know about. I had squeezed through minute tunnels to see where they wound up. I smiled remembering a time that I had managed to wedge myself in a tunnel that turned out to be a large crack in the Cave. This was my safe haven, my home. When the other girls first arrive they find the overhanging rocks and some of the narrow passes to be intimidating. They would soon adjust to their new surroundings. I had spent hours listening to Kirsten speak of the open sky and wide streets of towns with such longing. I had found it quite odd. The idea of wide open spaces was threatening, queer in a way. My feet found their way to the entrance. They lead me up the slight incline that took me out into the pale sunshine. I could hear the monkeys in the distance, probably playing. The birds chirped around the Cave as I scrambled my way up onto a familiar boulder. I looked across the gap between the Cave and the forest scattered with fissures in the ground. The fissures allowing light into the Cave below. I sat there for a while just gazing out when a deep voice spoke, just as a pair of warm brown eyes came into view below the cropped salt and peppered hair of Chris.

“A little early to be on watch, isn’t it?”

“Never too early.” I replied remembering I had not seen him yesterday or the night before when I found the man. We had male mentors at the Cave to help with our lessons although we were strictly an all-girls boarding school. Chris had been here nearly as long as I have. The only difference in our time here was just a few short weeks. I was so young when I first came here. Some of the youngest girls were twice my age. I can still remember the first time he looked at me. His slightly lined face surprised as he turned to Miss Dale and demanded to know what I had been doing here. Miss Dale had then explained how my parents had died. He looked at me with such sad tender eyes. He dropped to one knee looked me in the eyes put his hand on my shoulder squeezed it gently, straightened up and walked away. Since then we have become close.

“What’s wrong?” He watched me with those intense brown eyes that I had grown so use to.

“A man died here two nights ago.” I said tucking my chin onto my knees.

“I know.” Chris said sadly.

“Who was he?” I asked hoping he would tell me.

“I don’t know.” Came his typical short reply. He was not a man of many words, I was grateful for that. He knew me and I knew him. He was like my father although I never told him. We sat in silence for a while.

“What else?” He inquired,

“He told me some things.” I shrugged.

“When?” I remembered then, what I was about to say. This was sensible Chris. He always looked for the simple answer believing it to be the right choice most times. He looked concerned just then as the dead man’s voice echoed in my mind. How do I tell Chris that a dead man spoke to me, through a rock? He would demand to see the stones and instinctively I knew I must not show him.

“When I cleaned his face.” I shrugged. I hated lying to him.

“He was delirious with fever. Forget him as best as you can.” He placed his hand on my arm. I held back my tears.

“It’s difficult, Mary-” A look from him made me quickly correct myself, “Miss Dale, said that he was the man who brought me here all those years ago. That means he is the reason I’m here. Chris.” I ignored his pointed stare. I needed to tell him. “He kept mumbling my name, even if he was delirious with fever. Miss Dale also mentioned that he said he would never return and that if he did, bad things were happening.” Chris’s lips were thinned and his eyes narrowed.

“I see.” He said as he stood.

“Don’t go.” I pleaded suddenly gripped with unreasonable terror. A wolfs cry pierced the morning air. Chris jumped off the bolder and I was quick to follow. We ran to the edge of the boundary. My night dress was slowing me down. Chris turned and looked at me frowning.

“Stay.” He commanded as he raced past the edge of the protective border. I was frustrated, why had I not changed? I knew it was pointless waiting on the edge for him to come back so I found my way back into the Cave and to the biggest Cavern where we had our meals. The air was filled with chatter of the other girls as well as their echoing voices. Yori called me over to where she was sitting with her two specialising students. Jane and Natasha looked pale as I sat down with them. Yori set her green eyes on me.

“Where is your mentor?” Her cool musical voice asked as I dropped my eyes to my plate, my stomach growled.

“He’s investigating an odd noise.” There was no point in mentioning it was a wolf. He would only be upset if the two other elders in the security side of things ran off to help him abandoning their other duties. I suppose there were perks to being head of security.

“Very well then, I shall instruct you and Mr. Herf shall instruct Amanda. Come along, you have progressed in your training enough to be part of the elder meeting.” She stood. After a longing look at my barely touched food I stood, joining Jane and Natasha. The three of us followed Yori quietly through the tunnels to the forbidden Cavern. This was the one chamber I had not seen. The one chamber I was declared too young to enter. Of course I had found ways to listen to what was being said. Where there were weak points in the Cavern walls. My heart thumped in my chest as I imagined all kinds of wonderful and scary scenes. We came to the only door in the entire Cave. Yori opened it an inch before suddenly turning to face us.


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Thank you for reading this part of Alone With Wolves! I would love to know your thoughts up until this point in the story. What did think of it so far?



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