Blog envy, so real it’s scary

As a few people know I have more than one blog and I also write for more than my own blogs. As such, I know the following and readership on various blogs vary. Especially for the wide array of blogging topics and types.

As it is I have my anime blog ~ All About Anime ~ which is obviously all about anime and anime related things from random topics to lifestyle. Then I also have Will You Keep My Secret which you are currently reading and this is more focused on my more mundane life and reality. Although it is now also a platform for my creative writing. As such, each blog is completely different. So I have not once compared them, after all the readership is vastly different.

However I like to read other blogs and support fellow bloggers. That is where the wheels fall off. Seeing the other blogs and seeing all the people who comment and interact on another blog leaves me conflicted. I am genuinely happy for the blogger and I more than likely am one of the people adding to their comments but at the same time I am envious. Why are people commenting on their post and not mine? Especially if we have done posts on the same topic. Then there is also when you stumble upon a new blog, which has started off after you but is seemingly a lot more successful.

Now it is one thing to know with your mind that your writing is good, that your content is yours and that you should be proud that you actually managed to hit that publish button. It is another entirely to know it in your heart and be okay with the fact that another blog is getting a better response than yours.

There are even times where you don’t care that a fellow blogger is doing wonderfully, then there are those low times where your stomach pulls tight and you feel a sharp stab at your heart. Then there is also your blog stats. Those numbers that mean so much more to you than they ever really should. Yes knowing that information is important but how many times have you had a few likes on the post but the stats still say that no one has read the post. How is that even possible? Are people just scrolling through their browser and liking the post title and leaving it at that? P.s. if you are doing that you should be ashamed! That like is important, it means you have read what the person has had to say and that you actually took something away from it or that you really honestly enjoyed reading their content. It makes the blogger feel accomplished and valued. It should not be cheapened by simply scrolling through the reader list and simply hitting like.

Also your blog has x amount of subscribers and followers, so where are all these people? Why are they not reading, liking, commenting or sharing your content? I will tell you now, every blogger has that going through their mind at some point or another. As well as every blogger asks themselves ‘what are they doing that is better than me?’ That is not such a bad question to ask. Although saying better might be a bit wrong. Each blogger has their own voice, each has their own unique style. Each blogger is constantly evolving to improve their content, their style, aiming to have each post better than the last. Whether they realize it or not. Set backs are inevitable. It is just important to plod on and find your own voice and style.

So feeling blog envy? Go onto the blog and find the blogger and simply ask for the blogger for advice and guidance. Ask them what advice would they give. Ask specific questions! The worst they can do is say no. If you don’t want to leave an open comment you can usually find their contact info somewhere on the blog.

Either way envy is alright, as long as you don’t loose sight of the reason you started blogging in the first place.


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