Blue Ocean VR, Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre, HTC VIVE

Virtual reality, the new reality?

I have been told that virtual reality will be our new future. It will become the new way in which we explore the world and learn. I have also been told that it is the future of animation, art, design and so many other ventures. I scoffed at this and shrugged my shoulders and brushed it off with a ‘yeah whatever’. Then I took a leap of faith and accepted an invite to the new Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre with the reasoning that I had nothing to lose and it would be an interesting way to pass my time. At the very least I would have an interesting post to write.

When I first stepped foot into the actual centre I was curious. I could see a seating area with red couches, one screen previewing what the centre had available and then their reception desk. From the entrance I could see two rooms that were green…At that point my interest really peaked. I introduced myself to Eric (the owner of the centre) and he took me into one of the green rooms to play my first game.


I usually stick to simple games similar to Sims, hidden objects or I go all out on Role Play Games (RPG’s) like Dragon Age, Skyrim and the like all on the computer. I am not usually one for console games. The first game they set up for me is a first person shooter where I now need to attack robots. I was very impressed at how attentive the staff was. They kept an eye on me and regularly asked me if I was alright, if I experienced any nausea or felt dizzy or anything like that.  Which is good especially for the type of game I was playing because it surely got my adrenaline flowing and my heart pumping. I fell in love instantly and am seriously jealous of the team working there having so much access to it!

Blue Ocean Virtual Reality Centre, Virtual Reality, HTC VIVE

P.s this is Eric, there are two controllers, one for each hand as well as the head gear. See all those circles on the controller? Those are also sensors!

So it became really easy to see virtual reality as the future of gaming, although it does make for some weird YouTube videos. Then I started to seriously take into consideration how else VR could be used in real life application. I was then informed that the centre has partnered up with a college and once a week the art students use the VR art program. I tried the program out myself and it is stunning, it is simple and makes complete sense but honestly, probably wasted on me. I spent most of my time making squiggles and playing with the effects very aware they guys could see what I was drawing on the screen in the room. Strange, since I was okay with them watching me as I jumped around and walking when I could not see where I myself was going. I really enjoyed standing in the middle of my art as well and having the bubbles surround me. Then they showed me what was really capable in that program and it amazed me. Just pure, simple draw dropping amazement.


Blue Ocean VR had over 70 sensors monitoring my every move and relaying it back to the HTC Vive! It was so seamless that I had no lag in motion at all between the real world and the virtual world.

I can see virtual reality becoming a part of our everyday reality and how it can be incorporated into our world; however I don’t see it taking over completely. Rather I feel that it will carve its own place in the world much like most of our other technology and that each individual will find a unique way of adapting to it.

If you would like to contact Blue Ocean for more info you can call them on 072 733 5346 or e-mail them at I seriously suggest checking out their Facebook page too! They have posted some really amusing videos of people using their VR equipment!

For those of you who have already read my post on VR on All About Anime, thank you for supporting both of my blogs! Also heads up I will be doing a third post on this with different content on Sleeping Geeks next week! There I will also give a comprehensive list of the various games and other programs that they have on offer, plus a more in-depth description on the gaming and tech side of it.


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