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I am a pluviophile

Every time I would hear a word ending in -phile I would shudder. I would want nothing to do with any words that ended in it. At least that was until today. This morning I woke up to the rain heavily hitting the ceiling and my mother reminding me that it is getting on for eight. Rolling out of bed I did my usual morning messaging greeting the regulars I talk to. Then I recieved a message from one of my friends saying he is a pluviophile. A what? I thought and then went to my trusty friend and searched the term and found out that a Pluviophile is  a person who loves the rain. Someone who finds joy and peace of mind on rainy days.

Strangely enough I can relate. There is just something about rainy days that I love. I always feel calm on these grey and gloomy days where I can focus on what I am doing and it just leaves me feeling ‘in the zone’. The sound of the rain hitting the roof whether it is a heavy downpour or a soft patter is like my own personal lullaby that speaks to me. Then there is that heavenly rain smell, whether it is the smell when rain is coming to the smell just after it has rained.

Have you ever run through the rain? I’m not talking a soft shower where the sun could still be shining, I am talking where the sheer force of the rain stings as it hits your legs and arms kind of rain. I have twice and the weird part is I found both times really funny and enjoyable. Once was when I was walking home after school and another time I was trapped in a park and had to get home. The only way to do that though was to run. Now I won’t willingly run through a storm to relive those experiences but I have contemplated it once or twice.

Then there are the milder downpours where I look out my window longingly. I just want to stop whatever it is that I am doing and just go out and dance in the rain and splash in the puddles and just get absolutely drenched. Then my rational brain points out that it would be insane to do this since it is usually these times that I don’t have access to a towel let alone a dry change of clothes.

There is also the clouds, rain clouds are beautiful with varying shades of grey and from far you can see the break in the cloud and the outpouring rain. There is a lure that draws my gaze upwards to see the rolling clouds and when inside I can watch the rain fall often losing myself completely. If there is lightening I will gladly sit where I can easily observe the sky and watch the flashes of light among the clouds and then delight in each flash of lightning as it rushes to the ground. If I could have a glass roof to purely watch lightening, I would.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not like driving in the rain. I don’t know anyone who does. So there are aspects of the rain that I do not enjoy but on the whole I just love the rain. Although if someone else is driving I love being in the car while it rains.

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So yes there is no doubt, I am a pluviophile. What about you? How do you feel about the rain? What do you love or hate about it? I would love to know in the comments below!



11 thoughts on “I am a pluviophile

  1. Moi says:

    Rain is awesome. Heavy, pouring down rain when the water bounces off the floor and you have to run from doorway to doorway to stop getting drenched.

    It wouldn’t even bother me being out in it with no towel etc and on a few occasions I’ve left work did up the zip on the jacket, put on a baseball cap and the jacket hood and just walked to the train station.

    There needs to be more heavy rain where I live.

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