My current Saying

I never realized that I have been saying this quite a lot and that I really mean it. Recently I have been alone in the office since the boss is running out to meetings quite a lot. I know how annoying a meeting can be and also how most go into a meeting wary, or is that just me?

Either way when she leaves I always say ‘have fun‘. I didn’t say it sarcastically in any way. I honestly meant it. Even though she was going to a meeting she had escaped our cold office and was on the road and out and about. She had the chance to see interesting things and speak with amazing people.

Then my uncle was leaving the house this morning and once again I piped up ‘Have Fun’ as my way of farewell and he said “as if this is fun”. Just to let you know, I have no idea where he was going or what he was doing. I quickly replied, “well just try to have fun”. That is when it hit me. In all that I do, there will be at least one fun aspect. I know some things in life should not be seen as a joke, but that is not what I am saying. There are serious times yes, but who says you can not have fun even during these times?

With the end of the year fast approaching the stress levels and demands at work are skyrocketing so having fun at work seems like an afterthought. However I love my job, yes the work does get to me but when I take a step back I can see that I enjoy it and find that I work well with what I am made to do. Just it seems somewhere along the line I forgot to have fun. So now I am once again distancing myself from the stress of work and looking for those fun aspects while getting the job done.

Do you have a saying that you often say? If so I would love to know, please tell me in the comments below!

Well now that I have said my two cents, all that is left is to say…

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