Even if it’s dead

A couple weekends ago my best friend, her boyfriend and I went to the ‘farm’. Okay the farm is a big 5 game reserve. Her boyfriend and his family own a bit of land of the massive park known as Dinokeng Game Reserve. It is a really beautiful place to escape to and unwind. Plus it has the added bonus of not being too far away from where we stay.

So on the Saturday morning we pack up and drive through. The drive was pleasant and the whole day was relaxed. Next door a party was taking place so we helped them to set up slightly. The day was hot so the three of us spent most of the day on the balcony watching as animals went and drank from the watering hole. We chilled and spoke while happily being lazy.

Then we decided to go for a drive to the shops on the reserve and on the way back from the shops we decided to go for a swim at one of the pools. The day was hot and this sounded like the perfect solution. We spent a while there.

Then as we were getting ready to leave we saw a leaf in the pool and an interesting creature on the leaf. We took it out of the water and left it next to the pool with the leaf. We were not sure what it was so we all moved in for a closer look. It was orange, with 10 legs. Okay cool it was not a spider, I could relax. The three of us then started messing about with it taking photos and such. Since it was clearly dead. Then we had a genius plan to prank my besties brother who is terrified of all insects. So we put it into an empty cigarette box and took it with us back to the house. Which it was then taken out of the box and put on the windowsill. About a half hour later we noticed ants climbing all over it so it was moved to the kitchen counter. We all then went upstairs and carried on with our day.

Then one of the ladies next door came over asking if they could use the oven because they could not get theirs to work. Sure no problem, while the food was being warmed up we pointed out to the lady the creature we had found. She was instantly fascinated and said that she would take a photo and send it to a friend who was an expert in these things. Awesome we would now be able to find out what it really is. Now around four and a half hours had past since we had first found it. The lady took a picture and it wasn’t good so she picked up a bobbie pin to rearrange this creature and the creature attacked the pin.

It attacked the pin. It-was-not-dead. I have never seen my bestie and I move back quite as quickly as we did at that moment. We then now needed to catch this unknown creature, which was a bright orange, which in the animal kingdom usually indicates that it is poisonous and put it outside.

On the upside the friend got back to us quite quickly and informed us that it was a Red Roman Spider. I freaked, I don’t do spiders, not one bit. Now of course we had to do research on it. Good thing, it is not poisonous and the worst it will do is cut your hair. However, I am still not amused.

The really sad part is when we found it and took it home we all joked saying what if it wasn’t really dead and that it would come back to life at night. It’s not so funny now. We have learned our lesson, even if it is dead leave it alone because it might just not be dead.

Once the spider was now gone my bestie and I opened up the bottle of strawberry lips and we finished it quite quickly to calm ourselves. We are now waiting for the day when we can laugh about the time we brought home the dead not dead spider.

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?


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