Spring Fever

Oh my word it has been over ten days since I last posted! So much has happened and a lot of it was unexpected and I learnt I am the queen of last minute plans.

It was recently my besties birthday and since she has been through quite a lot recently I thought it would be nice to throw her a surprise party. I decided that on the 14th. Her birthday was on the 16th. So in one day I had managed to somehow miraculously pull this off.  I picked a theme, found  a place, invited everyone, did the invites, baked, cooked, set up and still worked and went shopping! It was a hectic two days to say the least.

At least the party (braai) was a success with us partying until half 2 on Saturday morning. We danced, we sang, we laughed and we played Vodka Poker with Sours, Ponchos and Tequila. Insane we know, but it’s become tradition to play Vodka Poker, named thus due to the first time playing it with straight vodka shots. (Lemme know if you wanna know how to play and the rules!) At around one am you would have found three of us in front of the TV watching Michael Jackson’s music video for Thriller (oh my word that video is long! 13 something friggen minutes!) The three of us then while singing decided we would try doing the moves and looking back on it now, we were probably not doing it justice, but we had a blast.


Saturday was a day of cleaning at my house and Sunday I was with the boyfriend and his family for the day. I was shattered.

Otherwise I had been really busy at work and had to revise my entire social media plan, I now do the social media for seven brands and I can see even more being added to my plate. I love it though. It is so much fun to come up with unique ideas and then pulling it all together with fun and creative graphics to grab your attention. Then I have been putting together worksheets for the girl that I have started tutoring English. Basically since spring started I have been go and I am getting that Spring Fever that seems to descend upon me every year. My fingers are itching to spring clean and rearrange everything in my room and to de-clutter. It’s hard to fight that cleaning desire but I just need a weekend when I am free enough to do it.

If you are wondering which one I am in the images I have the redish hair :).


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