Anything but typical

Last night I really realized my boyfriend and I are not what you would call a conventional young couple. When I look at my friends and their weekend plans and such they are going out to loud trendy places with loud music and lots of people. What do I do with my boyfriend? Usually just laze around and watch stuff on the laptop. We don’t really go out since he doesn’t do lots of noise or crowds (well people in general) plus there is basically no budget.

However last night it really sunk in how unusual we are for our age. We are 22 and 23 and are currently house sitting. We have access to the wi-fi, can watch what ever we want on the TV and have a whole selection of CD’s and DVD’s to pick from, so what do we do? First I found a Celtic Women CD and that made me really happy so I played that nice and loud. Then when the boyfriend joined me I found a DVD of Andew Lloyd Webber’s hits and we watched it and sung along criticizing the facial expressions of the singers. Laughing at the overly done theatrical facial expressions and noting how some of the voices did not fit the song. So yea, very professional opinions…perhaps I should add that I am tone deaf and that his mother can sing and has studied opera, but he hasn’t and can’t so we make a great critic duo.

After that DVD ended we looked to see if there was perhaps Mama Mia among the DVD’s since that is what the boyfriend wanted to watch. Now I am trying to see if anyone I know has a copy of that movie so that we can watch it.┬áThe money we are making from house sitting we are planning to buy Celtic Women concert tickets and we are dreaming of watching an opera live. I loved Phantom of the Opera when I watched it five years ago. I would love to repeat the experience with him.

I am so glad we enjoy the love of musicals and classical music, I just wish that he would also share my love of animation and thrillers. I am sure he wishes I would enjoy action movies and be happy spending every weekend at home. Our date nights consist of maybe a movie or maybe going to a restaurant for pizza. Unless it’s our annual anniversary, then you can find us at Ocean Basket enjoying a platter for 2 with garlic bread and halumi cheese. Yes, that exact order, every year. We do a date night every second month or so unless I kick his butt and drag him with me somewhere while he moans.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this weekend while house sitting. Who knows what is coming next? Well the bestie is coming over tonight so we can exercise and chat. Yay the exercising plan is getting back on track!


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