I had been doing so well, exercising at least once a day cutting out most of the fizzy drinks and avoiding (or stashing) the nightly sweets that my father buys. Then real life laughed really hard and has kept me really busy. Thus two weeks have suddenly flown by and looking back I have exercised twice during that time and have eaten a whole lot.

I have also been ignoring sleep, I mean who needs to concentrate when you can rather have heavy, sore and itchy eyes? If the way my brain is currently functioning I do not look forward to pregnancy brain how ever far away that is. The joys of being a woman…

So what has happened these past two weeks? Well other than running around for an event where I had to help cater for over 200 people. I helped prep for the actual cooking as well as ran around to buy the ingredients and source everything our stall was going to be using as decorations for our theme (Spanish). We made Paella, which I had never even heard of before until this event! Yikes, but luckily the paella was yummy and not as complicated to make as I had expected. The night before the event three of us stayed up until 11pm making tissue flowers. I don’t wanna see another tissue flower for quite some time.

Then work was the usual chaos and stress that I really enjoy (no seriously, no sarcasm). My boss even recognized how had I have been working and gave me a raise, yay me! My bestie unfortunately broke up with the guy she had been living with so I wanted to console her and be with her.

Then there was Joburg Day! Our friend was lucky enough to win tickets and invited us along so Friday night I stayed at my besties house and we had a girls night, the first one in a really long time! Plus we decided and agreed that we would be exercise buddies and motivate each other. However we still need to arrange a schedule. Saturday was Joburg Day and it was a long hot day spent in the sun trying our best to stay on our blanket and in the shade of our umbrella. I am so glad we took water with us and our own food, otherwise who knows how much money we would have spent?

Sunday I was drained, I think the sun really took a toll on me, plus I still had to write a few posts (for other blogs) that needed to go up on Monday. So Sunday was pretty much a write off, or so I had expected until I got home. Once home my mother pounced and put me to work cleaning. However I did get to watch both my father and boyfriend struggle to get pet hair off a carpet, much to my amusement. As soon as one patch was done, either one of the cats or the dog would lie on it leaving fresh fur. All I can say is Sunday night I slept really well.

Then here we are on Wednesday already and my week is only just beginning. This weekend I will be house sitting and might have to go to the bank, cries, I can’t find my bank card. I hope it turns up, I’m really not looking forward to spending my Saturday in a Que. Especially because I have made plans with the bestie to exercise on Friday and I suspect I will be in pain come Sat. Well here’s hoping that exercising comes back on track and I can still reach my goal now that I am down by almost two weeks!


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