Our House

Owww my feet are so sore. Today I was woken up at half seven (serious tantrum over here) because the day was dedicated to cleaning. Our helper broke her leg in a really bad accident (I miss her, I can’t wait until she gets back!) So I lay in bed cursing that I had no idea what time I eventually went to sleep, I was reading Yaoi (give me a heads up if you know what yaoi is (^^,)) on my phone after the laptop battery died. I have no idea how much sleep I am running on.

Then I struck a deal with my mom that I could stay in bed until half 10 if I clean the pantry and sort out the fridge. Now to understand the deal I feel you should know that I have been doing the laundry all week and the deal included cleaning the shelves and each of the products as well as sorting the fine stuff from the expired. So from about eight my house was filled with loud music (you need music as you clean! A golden rule my mother and I follow) and random noises as we each tried avoiding each other so as not to aggravate each other’s tempers as we carried on with our own tasks. ¬†Once I got out of bed I went with my father to the shops where we purchased what I would be making for lunch.

My brother was lucky, he came over today but was able to skip out on cleaning. However he did have to make us lunch, which I mostly did any way. I get irritated at his way of cooking. We were frying 3 eggs in a large frying pan, he wanted to do it one at a time. I seriously do not have the patience for that. Thus I jumped in and showed him that in truth all 3 eggs do fit in the pan at once. After the lunch the kitten (we call her a kitten even though she is 1 year old already) decided she wanted a snack as well and went and caught a grasshopper. The image is her prize after we managed to rescue her from it.The grasshoppers wings are so pretty. After taking her away from it she kept bubbling at the mouth so we were worried. I forced her to drink milk and we watched her anxiously to see if she would be okay. Thankfully she is.

Cat by water bowl (1).jpg

Then one of my aunts came over and had a short visit which put a massive hold on our cleaning. Once everyone left the cleaning continued and at 7pm I have called it a day. I will clean my room tomorrow (maybe). Suffice to say, I am so glad that I can be lying down at the moment and not be on my feet, but I still need to cook supper. Otherwise I finally have some me time. Now to unwind and read some more.


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