When I was seven

Do you remember the days of believing that everything would work out great and that all your dreams would come true? I do, when I was seven I was not to sure of who I would be. I dreamed of amazing possibilities. When I was 11/12 I picked up a pencil and started writing. At 14 I was determined to become a marine biologist. Then when I was 16 I picked up my pencil once again letting worlds come to life at my fingertips by simply stringing words together. It was then that I knew what I truly knew what I wanted to do. Constantly encouraged by those who had read what I had written and having them demand the next chapter I knew that when I turned 21 I was going aim to have my worlds published. Well my 21st has come and gone, I have a few writing courses beneath my belt and a few drafts for stories waiting patiently on my computer and in various files lying around my room still waiting to be completed. I have shelves filled with books that I have purchased and read as research for my own works. However all of that research and time spent did not prepare me for reality.

Here I am just two months away from my 23rd birthday and I have to stop myself from being glum. I drag my butt out of bed and go to work. Then tired and starving I drag my butt back home again where I then proceed to throw together lunch and make myself comfortable and either watch anime, read manga or play RPG’s on my computer. I have no data, or rather I don’t have much data and thus basically live by hopping from one wi-fi network to the next. I am still living with my parents and I have to constantly try to find the will to do something or even just write something. Most nights I go to sleep between 12am-3am. Hence the dragging my butt out of bed at 8 to make it to work by nine! Giving me half hour in the morning to shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. So yea breakfast is usually skipped or swapped with whatever sweet my dad had bought for me the night before.

I am addicted to sugar and constantly find myself restarting exercising. Yeah exercising seems to be a common thing for me to ditch after about a week, sometimes after three days. I love the constant sweets but my body and skin are starting to rebel. So exercise is going to have to at some point become a more important role (maybe).

My love life consist of my boyfriend who is a year older than me, studying to become a mechanical engineer. Which sounds great in theory. That just means both of us are trying to survive on very little moola. Like myself he is staying with his parents. Luckily he doesn’t live all that far away so I get to see him almost everyday even though his car has been stuck in our drive-way for almost three months now. All due to budget isues. Also due to our budget our social life is almost non existent. He watches series while I carry on with my thing. At the moment he is watching ‘New Girl’ which I have also been suckered into watching.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a pity party. It’s just I had a plan and a basic idea of how I had wanted my life to be. So now I am starting something new and I hope that it works out okay in the end. Well now that you got to know a bit about me, I am sure you think that I am odd, so I will come straight out and say it, I am. I’ll own it, besides who wants to be ordinary anyway? I don’t want to fit in, I want to be accepted for who I am, insanity and all. (*^_^*)

Was there a goal you had aimed to achieve by a certain age that just didn’t happen? Or even a job you would loved to have pursued, I would love to know!


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